Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So lately I've been shopping like crazy, I think its the weather or maybe im just tired of my look. So i went to Westfarms mall and I went crazy! I bought so many things from so many different stores like H&M, Forever 21, Bakers, Aldo, Urban Behavior, MAC, Macy's, and then went to the Westfields mall and did more shopping. Here are my GREAT BUYS!!
My favorite pair of ''sexy" leggings i bought these from Windsor for $30
This beautiful necklace and braclet were both from forever 21 along with the dress.  
As you can see Charlotte Russe these were also $5
I bought my daughter a pair of Ugg's and they were $60 and it was a waste of money, yes they were cute for a couple days but they got so dirty so fast. It was pretty much pointless
Most of these items are from H&M. the jean jacket was $30 the tank top was $7.50 and the green jeans were $24. My favorite brown bag was from Forever 21 for $15
Pink and green odd combo but me and my boyfriend feel in love with the two colors together i bought the pink blazer from Windsor along with the shirt. My jeans are from WetSeal.

I bought a bag from them for $250 and i usually wear it all the time til my daughter spilled all her milk all over it lol 

These are from Charlotte Ruse i paid $5 and they look amazing on!
These are my Jeffery Campbell shoes that i paid an arm and a leg for lol but  i love them <3 

The women at the meriden MAC loves me and always gives me extra everything lol. I bought a neutral lipgloss and painterly pot and she threw in foundation a pink lipgloss and mascara.


  1. great post dear :) Great to know about the uggs, I keep contemplating weather to buy real ones for my daughter or not but I think I will just get some 20 dollar knock offs!! lovely blog too ♥

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