Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So lately I've been shopping like crazy, I think its the weather or maybe im just tired of my look. So i went to Westfarms mall and I went crazy! I bought so many things from so many different stores like H&M, Forever 21, Bakers, Aldo, Urban Behavior, MAC, Macy's, and then went to the Westfields mall and did more shopping. Here are my GREAT BUYS!!
My favorite pair of ''sexy" leggings i bought these from Windsor for $30
This beautiful necklace and braclet were both from forever 21 along with the dress.  
As you can see Charlotte Russe these were also $5
I bought my daughter a pair of Ugg's and they were $60 and it was a waste of money, yes they were cute for a couple days but they got so dirty so fast. It was pretty much pointless
Most of these items are from H&M. the jean jacket was $30 the tank top was $7.50 and the green jeans were $24. My favorite brown bag was from Forever 21 for $15
Pink and green odd combo but me and my boyfriend feel in love with the two colors together i bought the pink blazer from Windsor along with the shirt. My jeans are from WetSeal.

I bought a bag from them for $250 and i usually wear it all the time til my daughter spilled all her milk all over it lol 

These are from Charlotte Ruse i paid $5 and they look amazing on!
These are my Jeffery Campbell shoes that i paid an arm and a leg for lol but  i love them <3 

The women at the meriden MAC loves me and always gives me extra everything lol. I bought a neutral lipgloss and painterly pot and she threw in foundation a pink lipgloss and mascara.

My Weight Lost Plan!!

Almost every women i know wants to lose weight including me. I've hit an all time high after i gave birth to my daughter. And I've been trying to run and exercise but being a full time student and mother its hard to find time. So i decided i was going to cheat lol. I was talking to a friend who happens to be a Dr. on ways i can lose weight fast. He told me there is a new drug called HCG. Now what this miracle drug does is help you lose weight fast and then boost your matablalism so you don't gain the weight back after the diet is threw. Now the directions are very simple. You use 10 drops a day 3 times a day under the tongue. The first two days you should eat like a complete crazy person lol gaining at least 1 or 2 or even up to 6lbs then for the next 40 days you have to stick to a 500 calorie diet. I know, seems impossible but another perk of this drug is that it stops your cravings and hunger. So your not tempted to eat that amazing chocolate bar or that extra plate of food. I'm going to keep a food diary tracking my every move, I've taken picture of my stomach, recorded my weight, and have taken my measurements. I'm so serious about this diet that my boyfriend has agreed to help me. No matter how bad i beg he promises HE WILL NOT GIVE IN! I love him!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sophia's first birthday idea's

So my daughters turning one in April and ive been going crazy trying to figure out if were doing it in a hall or at my home. Who we should invite, what kind of cake and finger foods, Which theme would be perfect. I have no idea what im going to do for goodie bags. But after a week of looking around i think i found the perfect theme.

\I think i found the perfect theme. Her dad does call her his little monkey. Im so excited but super nervous. My boyfriend tells me do what you want babe just hand me the bill when your done lmao <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

 My baby's lol
I think their so perfect! They truly made me pretty happy the first day i wore them.

Love at first sight

 I was in the kohl's with my boyfriend and daughter and seen these cute shoes that i just fell in love with. I love shopping online and found the same exact shoes from Steve Madden for $80.00 but as a mother who doesn't have money to throw away i gave up thinking it was a lost cause. Til my eyes fell on these i spent $34.00 vs the $80.00. These shoes are so comfortable and very stylish. Sorry about the bathroom pic but i had no time to get a better one.